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Hong Kong, 香港
mid-autumn festival, hong kong, 中秋節, 香港

Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival!
Mid-Autumn Festival, the ancient Chinese harvest festival, is given a modern treatment here in Hong Kong, where glowing lanterns merge with the city’s trademark neon, fiery dragons dance through the busy streets and a full moon shines down on a festive metropolis... >>


"The Slpendours of Royal Costume: Qing Court Attire" Exhibition on show

國采朝章-清代宮廷服飾 國采朝章-清代宮廷服飾
Date: Now - Oct 07, 2013
Venue: Hong Kong Museum of History
Some one hundred and thirty items/sets of textiles and embroideries from The Palace Museum Collection are featured in the exhibition. The exhibits comprise Official Costumes, Festive Costumes, Regular Costumes, Travel Costumes, Military Costumes and Leisure Costumes....>>
Fine Art Asia 2013
fine art asia fine art asia
Date: Oct 4-7, 2013
Venue: HK Convention & Exhibition Centre
Now in its 9th edition, Fine Art Asia 2013 will showcase a wide range of collectible fine art from both East & West. The event will showcase the finest Asian and Western antiques.... >>
Serviced Apartment - Mier
Serviced Apartment, 長期服務式住宅, Mier
Address: 8 Hospital Road, Mid Levels
Area: 470 sq. feet
Price: monthly $24800 up...>>


Hong Kong Hotel
Sheraton Macao, 澳門喜來登酒店, Family Suite, 家庭套房
挪亞方舟, Noah's Ark
港鐵機場快線優惠,您的快捷可靠之選! 車票只需由港幣$50起!
《香港迪士尼樂園「長長999」夏季驚喜優惠套票》.優惠延長至2012年9月29日 - 每人只需港幣$999起!
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Macau, 澳門
Macau Sheraton, Combo, 澳門喜來登酒店

♫Macau is so much FUN♫ Macau Sheraton Hotel「Free and Easy Combo」!
basic package only at per person HK$698 up! Value-added services include CotaiJet Ticket, Dancing Water, TABOO - up to 40% discount off!...>>

Macau Galaxy Festiva Buffet Package
Macau Galaxy Festiva Buffet, 澳門銀河群芳自助餐 Macau Galaxy Festiva Buffet, 澳門銀河群芳自助餐
Date: Now to Dec 31, 2013
include Lunch Buffet/Dinner Buffet + Roundtrip CotaiJet + ATC $50 Travel Coupon - only at HK$$455 up per person...>>
25th Macau International Fireworks Contest 25th Macau International Fireworks Contest
Date: Sep 14, 19, 21, 28, Oct 01, 2013
Watch Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Korea, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Canada, France and China put the whizzbang and sparkle into the contest....>>


Sheraton Macao, 澳門喜來登酒店, DreamWorks Themed
Sheraton Macao, 澳門喜來登酒店, Summer Package
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Dubai, 杜拜
Free Admission! Korea Busan Centum City Theme Park - 「ZOORAJI」

Shinsegae Centum City, one of the most popular landmarks in Busan, recently opened a new outdoor theme park called ZOORAJI on the center’s rooftop, attracting the interest of visitors and shoppers.

Shinsegae Centum City, the largest department store in the world, is a hub for shopping, cultural programs, sports and more in the coastal city. Located on the 9th floor and covering an area of approximately 3,950㎡, ZOORAJI is reminiscent of the Jurassic era. It includes dinosaur statues, a leisure area located inside of a hut, baobab trees, playground facilities and sidewalk fountains.

This family-friendly theme park has been attracting a significant number of visitors every day. If you have a chance to visit Shinsegae Centum City, be sure to stop by ZOORAJI. Admission to the ZOORAJI is free of charge...more >>

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Japan, 日本
西門町, Ximending, Package, 套票
Let's go to Ximending! Taipei 3D2N Shopping Package
includes CX/KA Flight Ticket + 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation with Breakfast + Metro 1 Day Pass - 4 Adults Travelling together only at HK$1350 up per person!
Taipei Shopping Festival 2013 台北購物節, taipei shopping festival
Date: Now - Sep 15, 2013

The 2013 Taipei Shopping Festival will take place under three different themes: Timeless Fashions, Consumer Electronics and Local Specialties. During the approximately 90-day festival period from Aug. 1st through Sept. 15, 2013, shops in 15 designated shopping areas, and 9 department stores...>>

Taipei Very Fun Park 2013 台北粉樂町, Taipei Very Fun Park 2013
Date: Now to Sep 29, 2013
The Fubon Very Fun Park is a sort of art exhibition, centered right in the heart of Taipei city, featuring a total of 30 pieces of modern art. But this isn’t just any art exhibition. Dedicated to "The arts into the fabric of Taipei City”, the Fun Park is scattered across the stores and streets of eastern Taipei, from octopus arms reaching out of a café to quote vending machines inside of a bank...>>


台灣, 民宿, 台北, 高雄, 九份, 三芝, 拉拉山, 墾丁, 花蓮, 玉里, 鹿野, 台東, 苗栗, 清境, 埔里, 水里, 阿里山, 若茵農場, 飛牛牧場
台灣, 台北, 夏日親子假期, BabyBoss, BabyBoss職業體驗任意城, 皇家季節酒店, 台北館, 北投館, BabyBoss全天票, 關西六福莊生態度假酒店, 剛果藍天客房, 剛果綠地客房, 高絲旅時尚旅館 - 漢口館, 俞美精品飯店, 台北大師會館, 捷絲旅 - 西門町, 頭等艙飯店, 台糖台北會館, 菱悅酒店, 意舍酒店, 富驛時尚酒店
台灣酒店套票, Taiwan Hotel Package, Taipei, Tainan, Taichung, 台北, 台南, 台中
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Japan, 日本
Japan, Osaka, Universal Studio Japan, Halloween, 日本, 大阪, 環球影城, 萬聖節

Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studio Japan(USJ)
Universal Surprise Halloween Takes Place on the Greatest Scale Ever! Universal Studios Japan will hold its annual autumn event Universal Surprise Halloween for a limited period only59 days from Friday, September 13, 2013. A Halloween event at which guests can enjoy two kinds of ultimate excitement - "enthusiasm" and "screams"- all day long will be offered on the greatest scale ever....>>

Free use of Wi-Fi spots around Japan for 14 days
Free Wi-Fi, Japan, 免費WiFi上網卡, 日本 Free Wi-Fi, Japan, 免費WiFi上網卡, 日本
Basically, you just need to pick up a free Wi-Fi card from one of the counters established at facilities such as airports and tourist information centers. Simply show your passport and you can receive one of these cards. The ID and password necessary to log-in are printed on the card, so you just need to enter these as directed at an access point with the NTT East Wi-Fi signal (0000FLETS-PORTAL). Having done that, you can then make free use of Wi-Fi spots provided by NTT East for 14 days (336 hours). Simple and easy!...>>


ANA全日空, 名古屋, 名古屋機票, All Nippon Airways, Nagoya, Nagoya Air Ticket
日本, 東京, 新宿, 池袋, 大阪, 札幌, 京都, 東京晴空塔, 酒店優惠, 潮玩東京迪士尼, 登上世界遺產富士山, 反轉東京「郵」情新商場, Japan, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Ikebukubo, Osaka, Sapporo, Kyoto, Tokyo Skytree, Hotel Promotion, Have fun in Japan now, Tokyo Disney Resort Summer Special Events, Japan's Mt. Fuji granted UNESCO World Heritage status, Say Hello to the new Tokyo mall "KITTE"
沖繩, 福岡, 金澤, 靜岡縣, 和歌山, 北海道, 別府, 神戶, Okinawa, Fukuoka, Kanazawa, Shizuoka, Wakayama, Hokkaido, Beppu, Kobe
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Singapore, 新加坡
Singapore, F1 Grand Prix, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Big Bang, 新加坡, 格蘭披治大賽

Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2013
Date: Sep 20-22, 2013, Venue: Marina Bay Street Circuit
Will you ever go crazy if Justin Bieber, Rihanna or even Big Bang were to whip out their famous music piece live before you? If you answer is YES! Right, these celebrities will be performing live at Singapore's F1 Grand Prix on Sept 23...>>

Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb
Singapore, Artscience Museum, Mummy, Secrets of the Tomb, 新加坡, 藝術科學博物館, 木乃伊, 埃及古墓解密
Date: Now - Nov 4, 2013
Venue: Artscience Museum
A 3,000 year-old mystery will unwrap in April. For the first time in Southeast Asia, secrets of the mysterious Egyptian burial practices and mummification process will be revealed in Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb....>>
Singapore Hotels - 2+1 Promotion >>
Singapore, Artscience Museum, Mummy, Secrets of the Tomb, 新加坡, 藝術科學博物館, 木乃伊, 埃及古墓解密
Dorsett Singapore ★★★★ $1540up (Include breakfast) >>
Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel ★★★★ Mon-Thu $1930up (Include Breakfast) >>
InterContinental Singapore ★★★★★ Mon-Thu $2450up (Include Breakfast) >>


Singapore, Live Ticket Promotion, Adventure Cove Waterpark, 現票優惠, 新加坡, 水上探險樂園
新加坡, 聖淘沙名勝世界, 新加坡聖淘沙名勝世界豪華生態酒店, 逸濠酒店, 環球影城門票, ESPA Spa Credits
Chung Yeung Festival, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Package, River Safari, Blockseat Package, adventure cove waterpark, 重陽節假期, 重陽節套票, 新加坡航空, 新加坡預留機位套票, 河川生態園, 水上探險樂園, 新加坡
亞洲首個Legoland馬來西亞樂高樂園現已開幕 - 以至筍價$320起預訂成人門票 - 由新加坡或新山出發都得,立即體驗最好玩、最刺激、最有挑戰性的世界級主題樂園
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Thailand, 泰國
Thailand dtac Happy Tourist SIM, only at HK$65
Happy Tourist SIM is a prepaid SIM card provided by dtac, one of the leading telecommunication services providers in Thailand. It includes Free 7-day unlimited internet and 100 baht free call. Buy one and keep in touch with your family and friends during your trip in Thailand!.. >>
Latest Bangkok Hotel and Leisure Package Hot Deal >>
Bangkok 3D2N Summer Family Package >>
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dtac, 泰國自由行, 無限上網, HappyTouristSIM, SIMCard
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